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Volume overview

Below a table with the names of different volumes and chapters of the Kakuichibon (覚一本) and Rufubon (流布本) manuscripts of the Heike Monogatari in Japanese, and as translated by McCullough (1988) and Sadler (1918/1921) respectively.
*KM : Kancho Maki (灌頂巻), The initiates' book.


Japanese name McCullough
Japanese name Sadler
1 1 祇園精舎 Gion Shōja 1 1 祇園精舎 Gion Shoja
2 殿上闇討 The Night Attack at the Courtiers' Hall 2 殿上闇討 The Assassination at Court
3 The Sea Bass 3 Suzuki
4 禿髪 Page-Boy Cuts 4 禿髪 Kamuro / Boy Attendants
5 吾身栄花 Kiyomori's Flowering Fortunes 5 我身栄花 The Splendour of Kiyomori
6 祇王 Giō 6 妓王 Gio
7 二代后 Twice an Imperial Consort 7 二代后 Twice an Empress
8*** 額討論 The Quarrel Over the Tablets 8 額打論 The Quarrel About the Tablets
9 清水寺炎上 The Burning of Kiyomizudera 9 清水炎上 The Conflagration at Kiyomizu
10 東宮立 The Naming of the Crown Prince
11 殿下乗合 Horsemen Encounter the Regent 10 殿下乗合 A Collision of Grandees
12 鹿谷 Shishi-no-tani 11 鹿谷 Shishi no Tani
13*** 俊寛沙汰(鵜川軍) The Matter of Shunkan and the Battle at Ukawa 12 鵜川合戦 The Fight at the Ugawa
14 願立 The Vows 13 願立 The Vow
15 御輿振 Petitioning with Sacred Palanquins 14 御輿振 Carrying Down the Sacred Cars
16 内裏炎上 The Burning of the Imperial Palace 15 内裏炎上 The Burning of the Palace
2 1 座主流 The Exile of the Tendai Abbot 2 1 座主流 Exile of the Zasshu
2 一行阿闍梨之沙汰 The Matter of Holy Teacher Yixing 2 一行阿闍梨 Ikko Ajari
3 西光被斬 The Execution of Saikō 3 西光被斬 Execution of Saiko
4 小教訓 The Lesser Admonition 4 小教訓 The Lesser Admonition
5 少将乞請 A Successful Plea for the Lesser Captain 5 少将乞請 The Shosho Is Put in Charge of the Saisho
6 教訓状 The Admonition 6 教訓 The Admonition
7 烽火之沙汰 The Matter of the Signal Fires
8 大納言流罪 The Exile of the Major Counselor 7 大納言被流 The Exile of the Shin-Dainagon
9 阿古屋之松 The Pine of Akoya 8 阿古屋松 The Pine of Akoya
10 大納言死去 The Death of the Major Counselor 11 大納言死去 The Death of the Shin Dainagon
11 徳大寺之沙汰 The Matter of Tokudaiji 11 徳大寺厳島詣 The Tokudaiji Dainagon Goes to Itsukushima
12 山門滅亡 堂衆合戦 The Destruction of the Enryakuji: The Worker-Monk Battles 12 山門滅亡 The Destruction of Hieizan
13 山門滅亡 The Destruction of the Enryakuji
14 善光寺炎上 The Burning of the Zenkōji 13 善光寺炎上 The Burning of Zenkoji
15 康頼祝言 Yasuyori's Prayer 14 康頼祝 The Petition of Yasuyori
16 卒都姿流 Stupas Cast Afloat 15 卒都婆流 The Floating Sotoba
17 蘇武 Su Wu 16 蘇武 Sobu
3 1 赦文 The Pardon 3 1 許文 The Letter of Release
2 足摺 The Foot-Drumming 2 足摺 Stamping of the Feet
3 御産 The Imperial Lying-In 3 御産の巻 The August Lying In
4 公卿揃 An Array of Senior Nobles 4 公卿揃 The Visit of the Courtiers
5 大塔建立 The Building of the Great Stupa 5 大塔建立 Building of a Great Pagoda
6 頼豪 Raigō 6 頼豪 Raigo
7 少将都帰 The Lesser Captain's Return to the City 7 少将都帰 The Shosho’s Return to Kyoto
8 有王 Ariō 8 有王嶋下 The Visit of Ario to the Island
9 僧都死去 The Bishop's Death
10*** つぢかぜ/飈 The Tornado 9 The Whirlwind
11 医師問答 An Exchange of Views Concerning a Physician 10 医師問答 The Argument about Physicians
12 無文 The Unadorned Sword 11 無文の沙汰 The Undecorated Sword
13*** 燈爐之沙汰 The Matter of the Lanterns 12 灯炉 Of Lanterns
14 金渡 The Transmission of Gold 13 金渡 A Donation
15 法印問答 An Exchange of Views with the Dharma Seal 14 大臣流罪 The Argument of Hoin
16 大臣流罪 The Exiling of the Ministers of State 15 大臣流罪 Banishment of the Daijin
17 行隆之沙汰 The Matter of Yukitaka 16 行隆之沙汰 The Case of Yukitaka
18 法皇被流 The Exile of the Retired Emperor 17 法皇被流 The Exile of the Ho-o
19 城南之離宮 The Seinan Detached Palace 18 城南の離宮 The Seinan Detached Palace
4 1 厳島御幸 The Imperial Journey to Itsukushima 4 1 厳嶋御幸 Imperial Progress to Itsukushima
2 還御 The Imperial Return 2 還御 The Imperial Return Journey
3 源氏揃 An Array of Genji 3 源氏揃 Gathering of the Genji
4 鼬之沙汰 The Matter of the Weasels 4 鼬沙汰 The Oracle of the Weasels
5 信連 Nobutsura 5 信連合戦 The Fight of Nobutsura
6 Kiō 6 高倉の宮園城寺へ入御 Takakura-no-miya goes to Onjoji
7 Kiou
7 山門牒状 The Letter to the Enryakuji 8 山門牒状 The Letter to Hieizan
8 南都牒状 The Letter to the Southern Capital 9 南都牒状 The Letter to the South Capital
10 The Reply from Nara
9 永僉議 A Prolonged General Meeting 11 永僉議 Assembling of the Monks
10 大衆揃 An Array of Monks
11 橋合戦 The Battle at the Bridge 12 橋合戦 The Fight at the Bridge
12 宮御最期 The Death of the Prince 13 宮御最後 The Fate of the Prince
13 若宮出家 The Young Prince Becomes a Monk 14 若宮御出家 The Young Prince Becomes a Monk
14 通乗之沙汰 The Matter of Tōjō
15*** 鵼/ぬえ The Thrush Monsters 15 Nue
16 三井寺炎上 The Burning of Miidera 16 三井寺炎上 The Burning of Miidera
5 1 都遷 The Transfer of the Capital 5 1 都遷 The Change of Capital
2 新都 The New Capital
2 月見 Moon-Viewing 3 月見 Moon-Viewing
3 物怪之沙汰 Strange Occurrences 4 物怪 Evil Spirits
4 早馬 The Fast Courier 5 大庭が早馬 Oba Rides Hard to Fukuhara
5 朝敵揃 An Array of Court Enemies 6 朝敵揃 Enemies of the Mikado
6 咸陽宮 The Xianyang Palace 7 咸陽宮 The Palace of Kan-yo
7 文覚荒行 Mongaku's Austerities 8 文覚強行 The Austerities of Mongaku
8*** 勧進帳 The Subscription List 9 勧進張 Kwanjincho
9 文覚被流 Mongaku's Exile 10 文覚被流 The Exile of Mongaku
10 福原院宣 The Retired Emperor's Fukuhara Edict 11 伊豆院宣 Edict of the Ho-o at Izu
11 富士川 Fuji River 12 富士川 Fujikawa
12 五節之沙汰 The Matter of the Gosechi Dances 13 五節の沙汰 The Decision about the Gosetsu Festival
13 都帰 The Return to the Old Capital 14 都帰 The Return to the Capital
14 奈良炎上 The Burning of Nara 15 奈良炎上 The Burning of Nara
6 1 新院崩御 The Death of the New Retired Emperor 6 1 新院崩御 Death of the Retired Emperor Takakura
2 紅葉 Autumn Leaves 2 紅葉 Autumn Leaves
3 葵前 Aoi 3 葵前 Aoi-no-mae
4 小督 Kogō 4 小督 Kogo
5 廻文 The Circular Letter 5 廻文 The Sending Round of Letters
6 飛脚到来 The Arrival of the Couriers 6 飛脚到来 The Couriers
7 入道死去 The Death of Kiyomori 7 入道逝去 Death of the Nyudo
8 築島 The Man-Made Island 8 経の島 Kyonoshima
9 慈心房 Jishinbō 9 慈心房 The Adventure of the Priest Jishin
10 祇園女御 The Gion Consort 10 祇園女御 The Imperial Consort of Gion
11 洲胯合戦 The Battle of Sunomata
11 嗄声 The Hoarse Shouts 12 喘涸声(しはがれごゑ) The Hoarse Voice
12 横田河原合戦 The Battle at Yokotagawara 13 横田河原合戦 The Battle of Yokotagawara
7 1 清水冠者 Shimizu no Kanja 7 1 北国下向 The Expedition to the Northern Provinces
2 北国下向 The Expedition to the Northern Provinces
3*** 竹生島詣 The Visit to Chikubushima 2 竹生嶋詣 Chikubushima
4 火打合戦 The Battle at Hiuchi 3 火燧合戦 The Battle at Hiuchi
5 願書 The Petition 4 木曽願書 The Prayer of Kiso Yoshinaka
6 倶梨迦羅落 The Descent into Kurikara 5 倶利迦羅落 Kurikara
7 篠原合戦 The Battle at Shinohara 6 篠原合戦 The Battle at Shinohara
8 実盛 Sanemori 7 実盛最後 The Death of Sanemori
9*** 還亡 (玄肪) Genbō 8 玄肪 Genbo
10 木曽山門牒状 Kiso's Letter to the Enryakuji 9 木曽山門牒状 Kiso sends a Letter to Hieizan
11 返牒 The Reply 10 山門返牒 The Reply of Hieizan
12 平家山門連署 The Heike Joint Petition to Mount Hiei 11 平家山門連署 Combined Petition of the Heike
13 主上都落 The Emperor's Flight from the Capital 12 主上都落 Departure of the Emperor from the Capital
14 維盛都落 Koremori's Flight from the Capital 13 維盛都落 Flight of Koremori from the Capital
15 聖主臨幸 Imperial Visits 14 聖主臨幸 The Imperial Haunts
16 忠度都落 Tadanori's Flight from the Capital 15 忠度都落 Departure of Tadanori From Kyoto
17 経正都落 Tsunemasa's Flight from the Capital 16 経正都落 Departure of Tsunemasa From Kyoto
18 青山之沙汰 Concerning Seizan 17 青山沙汰 Concerning 'Seizan'
19 一門都落 The Flight of the Heike from the Capital 18 一門都落 The Heike Abandon Kyoto
20 福原落 The Flight from Fukuhara 19 福原落 The Heike at Fukuhara
8 1 山門御幸 The Imperial Journey to the Enryakuji 8 1 山門御幸 [Untitled]
2 名虎 Natora 2 那都羅 Natora
3 宇佐行幸 The Emperor Proceeds to Usa
3 緒環 The Reel of Thread 4 緒環 The Ball of Thread
4 太宰府落 The Flight from the Dazaifu 5 太宰府落 The Flight from Dazaifu
5 征夷将軍院宣 The Retired Emperor Appoints a Barbarian-Subduing Commander 6 征夷将軍院宣 Yoritomo proclaimed Outlaw Quelling Shōgun
6 猫間 Nekoma 7 猫間 Concerning Nekoma
7 水島合戦 The Battle at Mizushima 8 水島合戦 The Fight at Mizushima
8 妹尾最期 The Death of Senō 9 瀬尾最後 The Death of Seno
9 室山 Muroyama 10 室山合戦 The Fight at Muroyama
10 鼓判官 The Tsuzumi Police Lieutenant 11 皷判官 Tsuzumi Hangwan
11 法住寺合戦 The Battle at the Hōjūji 12 法住寺合戦 The Fight at the Hōjūjiden
9 1 生ずきの沙汰 The Matter of Ikezuki 9 1 小朝拝 [Untitled]
2 宇治川先陣 The First Man Across the Uji River 2 宇治川 The Crossing of the Ujikawa
3 河原合戦 The Battle at the Riverbed 3 河原合戦 The Fight at the River Kamo
4 木曽最期 The Death of Kiso 4 木曽最後 The Death of Kiso
5*** 樋口被斬罰 The Execution of Higuchi 5 樋口被斬 Higuchi is Put to Death
6 六ヶ度軍 Six Battles 6 六個度合戦 Six Battles
7 三草勢揃 The Array of Forces at Mikusa 7 三草勢汰(みくさせいぞろへ) The Muster at Mikusa
8 三草合戦 The Battle at Mikusa 8 三草合戦 The Fight at Mikusa
9 老馬 The Old Horse 9 老馬 The Old Horse
10 一二之懸 First and Second Attackers 10 一二之懸 The First and Second Assaults
11 二度之懸 The Double Charge 11 二度懸 The Second Assault
12 坂落 The Assault from the Cliff 12 坂落 The Descent of the Hill
13 越中前司最期 The Death of Etchū no Zenji 13 盛俊最後 The Death of Moritoshi
14 忠度最期 The Death of Tadanori 14 忠度最期 The Death of Tadanori
15 重衡生捕 The Capture of Shigehira 15 重衡虜 Shigehira is Taken Alive
16 敦盛最期 The Death of Atsumori 16 敦盛 The Death of Atsumori
17 知章最期 The Death of Tomoakira 17 浜軍 The Fight on the Shore
18 落足 The Flight 18 落足 The Flight
19 小宰相身投 Kozaishō's Suicide 19 小宰相 Kozaishō
10 1 首渡 The Parade of Heads 10 1 頸渡 Carrying Round of the Heads
2 内裏女房 The Lady-in-Waiting at the Imperial Palace 2 内裏女房 Of a Court Lady
3 八島院宣 The Retired Emperor's Edict to Yashima 3 八嶋院宣 The Imperial Edict to Yashima
4 請文 The Reply 4 請文 The Answer
5 戒文 A Statement of Precepts 5 戒文 Receiving the Doctrine
6 海道下 The Journey Down the Eastern Sea Road 6 海道下 The Sea Road
7 千手前 Senju-no-Mae 7 千手 Senshu
8 横笛 Yokobue 9 横笛 Yokobue
9 高野巻 The Book of Kōya 11 高野巻 The Book of Kōya
10 維盛出家 Koremori Becomes a Monk 15 維盛出家 Koremori Renounces the World
11 熊野参詣 The Pilgrimage to Kumano 13 熊野参詣 The Pilgrimage to Kumano
12 維盛入水 The Suicide of Koremori 14 維盛入水 Koremori Drowns Himself
13 三日平氏 The Three-Day Heiji 15 三日平氏 The Three Day’s Heishi
14 藤戸 Fujito 16 藤戸 Fujito
17 大嘗会沙汰 The Accession Festival
15*** 高野御幸 The Imperial Journey to Mount Koya
11 1 逆櫓 Reverse Oars 11 1 逆櫓 Sakaro
2*** 勝浦 大坂越 Katsuura Beach and Ōzakagoe Pass 2 勝浦合戦 The Fight at Katsuura
3 嗣信最期 The Death of Tsuginobu 3 大阪越 The Crossing of Osaka
4 嗣信最後 The Death of Tsuginobu
4 那須与一 Nasu no Yoichi 5 那須与一 Nasu no Yoichi
5 弓流 The Dropped Bow 6 弓流 The Dropped Bow
6 志度合戦 The Battle at Shido 7 志度合戦 The Fight at Shido
7 鶏合 壇浦合戦 The Cockfights and the Battle at Dan-no-ura 8 壇浦合戦 The Fight at Dan-no-ura
8 遠矢 Distant Arrows 9 壇浦合戦 Long Bowshots
9 先帝身投 The Drowning of the Former Emperor 9 先帝御入水 The Drowning of the Emperor
10 能登殿最期 The Death of Noritsune 10 能登殿最後 The Death of Noto-no-kami
11 内侍所都入 The Sacred Mirror Enters the Capital 11 内侍所都入 Entry of the Sacred Mirror into the Capital
12 Swords
13 一門大路渡 The Parading of the Heike Along the Avenue 12 一門大路被渡 The Heike Paraded through the Streets
14 The Mirror
15 文之沙汰 The Matter of the Letters 13 平大納言文沙汰 The Letters of the Taira Dainagon
16 副将被斬 The Execution of Fukushō 14 副将被斬 Fuku-shō is Put to Death
17 腰越 Koshigoe 15 腰越 Koshigoe
18 大臣殿被斬 The Execution of the Minister of State 16 大臣殿被斬 The Execution of Munemori
19 重衡被斬 The Execution of Shigehira 12 1 重衡被斬 The Execution of Shigehira
12 1 大地震 The Great Earthquake 2 大地震 The Great Earthquake
2 紺掻之沙汰 The Matter of the Indigo Dyer 3 紺掻沙汰 Concerning the Dyer
3 平大納言被斬 The Exile of the Taira Major Counselor 4 平大納言被流 Exile of the Taira Dainagon
4 土佐房被斬 The Execution of Tosabō 5 土佐房被斬 The Execution of Tosa Bo
5 判官都落 Hōgan's Flight from the Capital 6 判官都落 The Hogwan Leaves the Capital
6 吉田大納言の沙汰 The Matter of the Yoshida Major Counselor 7 吉田大納言沙汰 Yoshida Dainagon
7 六代 Rokudai 8 六代 Concerning Rokudai
8 泊瀬六代 Hase Rokudai 9 泊瀬六代 Hase Rokudai
9 六代被斬 The Execution of Rokudai 10 六代被斬 The Execution of Rokudai
KM 1 女院出家 The Imperial Lady Becomes a Nun KM 1 女院出家 The Former Empress becomes a Nun
2 大原入 The Imperial Lady Goes to Ōhara 2 小原入御 The Former Empress goes to Ohara
3 大原御幸 The Imperial Journey to Ōhara 3 小原御幸 The Ho-o Proceeds to Ohara
4 六道之沙汰 The Matter of the Six Paths 4 六道 The Six Paths
5 女院死去 The Death of the Imperial Lady 5 御往生 The Passing Away of the Former Empress